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During high school and college in the 1970's, I worked part-time in customer service positions such as department stores and fast-food restaurants. I also held several college work-study jobs

in office/clerical positions, as well as a summer job with the KY State Dept. of  Transportation – Highway EnforcementAfter graduating from college with a B.A. degree in fine art  (minor in Spanish),  I went back to school for an M.S. degree in industrial technology (minor in graphic production), which allowed me entry into the world of manufacturing and business.  I was hired as a marketing representative at  The IBM Corporationin Milwaukee, WI,  from 1981–1983. 

I returned to graduate school, this time for an M.F.A. degree in printmaking,  from 1983–1986

on an Advanced Opportunity Fellowship. As a result, my first job after graduate school for my M.F.A. was finally art-related!  As part of a team of medical artists at the Duke University

Medical Center, in Durham, NC,  we designed art illustrations and charts for doctors' slide presentations.  Following a move north to CT in 1987,  I worked as a computer typesetter at an advertising agency called TCA or Ted Colangelo Associates (later known as Clarion Marketing

& Communications), in Greenwich, CT.  It was here that I met my Master Teacher and my worldview began to change step by step. She opened me to the telepathic mode and I began to receive writings and artwork that helped to ground me in Divine Awareness and Love through her energies.


Subsequently, after a few years of working with Guru Madeleine while still at Clarion, in the 1990's,  I developed the courage to leave my job to start my own self-publishing business, providing consulting, typesetting, art illustration and book design to writers desiring to publish their work themselves, along with on-site production supervision at  printer locations.  The company was called The New Sun Booksmith Publishing Company, and it was through this experience that my dream of becoming a professional artist was being rekindled.  It was also around this time that I married, and two years later we were blessed with our first child. 

A second child five years later completed our immediate family unit and provided the love necessary to open our hearts even more. The gift of being able to receive artwork, poetry and books telepathically while raising two children has been an amazing experience, although challenging, but the discipline of meditation and being guided from within, to the degree that

I was able, has made all the difference in my world.  No longer a student, I am now at a point

of discovering who I am as an artist and  Seeker of  Truth at this stage, with the initiation of my new company being guided from within higher direction.  Heart Within the Art, LLC  (or HWTA) was officially established in 2015. The launching of this website marked the next phase of my work as an artist under God. 

Now marks the beginning of another phase of my life I'll call an "awakening period" since events during 2020 have forever changed how we view our world construct. I am hopeful that the new clarity of vision that has emerged during this time will bring us all into a better understanding of our role as global citizens, part of a spiritual family. My new work reflects this evolving dynamic and I look forward to what comes next.

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