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What is Afrocentric Art?

Afrocentric art recognizes the connecting thread from ancient

Africa to present day throughout the diaspora.

Key elements often exist artistically in the form of

polyrhythmic lines or shapes,

the use of natural elements

and earth tone colors,

stylistic abstract simplification,

elegant sophistication,

symbolic spiritual meaning,

and representation of peoples of color

in everyday life and ritual functions.

This unique artwork has a surreal quality that blends outer physicality (form)

with inner aspects (spirit) representing the ultimate beauty of human existence (humanity).

Its purpose  is to heal the split from our central core and begin to see the world anew.


We all come from this place

No matter where you are now.

matt-artz-Fu2v5drnMBA-unsplash copy.jpg
hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

We are all One

In the process of becoming who we were meant to be.

Jan b&w head shot.jpeg
"Africanisms" exist in the rhythmic way we talk, move, and listen to that 
still small voice inside that knows who we are intrinsically, spiritually.
Reconnecting to this part of ourselves is necessary for healthy 
unfolding upon the Earth, our home.

Unlimited artistic, creative, free-flowing expression is the hallmark
of one's connection to All Knowing Mind or Divine Mind.

                                                                                            Received telepathically from Divine Mind

Photo credit:  Shawn Peters

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