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The Love of Art

   ©2015  Jan Smith Castronuovo

There is a greater love than the physical.  It can transcend time and space.  It is what fuels the universe.


My following my heart and doing what I love, led me to

the discovery of a connection to a universal, spiritual love which we all share in common.  It is the common thread linking all humanity.  This is what is represented in

my artwork.

The work is telepathically received from On High, meaning it is given from within – the quiet, deep reverence that resides in each of us, deep within the heart. It serves as communication between the little self and the Higher

Self,  in order to heal and uplift the soul along its evolutionary journey.

This telepathy is not about reading minds, but of connecting to the Heart of hearts and allowing the Higher Knower to bring through teachings in the form of art and writings.

I give thanks, honor, and deep respect for the Work my beloved  Master Teacher, Guru Madeleine, has brought through on her journey to know Self, assisting me in becoming a true artist under God, always learning, growing and becoming, who I was meant to become.


Received telepathically from The Holy Order of Yodh

through the energies of Guru Madeleine



Jan Smith Castronuovo

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