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_Freedom Like Water ...Is Essential to Life__.jpeg

© JSC 2021

"Freedom Like Water..."  

"Freedom Like Water..."

Mixed Media Collage 

$1,500     (unframed, 34"x 30")

osters for sale                         
in the Marketplace

is essential to life. 

Without it you shrivel up, cease to truly live,

but merely survive,

eventually returning to dust.

The soul however lives on

beyond this earth.

In June 1865, freedom was finally declared

to those enslaved Africans and their American descendants,

in Galveston,Texas who thirsted for far too long.

The taste of freedom was all around them,

but was denied by those who did not understand

respect for life, for humanity, or their soul's connection to all that is.

©2021   Writing received telepathically by Jan Smith Castronuovo

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