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I first learned about the world (in this incarnation) through the eyes of a child, born in the South to two African American parents that came from two very different places ( Wisconsin and Georgia) that met each other halfway in-between, in Kentucky.  I literally grew up on an HBCU (Historically Black College or University) campus, Kentucky State College,  and attended an elementary school affiliated with it during the 1960's.  I spent my early years,  high school, and first year of college in the state of Kentucky. The next three years of college were spent at Florida A.&M. University (FAMU) in Tallahassee, FL as an art major, where I received a Bachelor of  Arts degree with a Spanish minor, followed by the University of Wisconsin–Platteville for graduate school.  After receiving a Master of Science degree in industrial technology (minor in graphic production), I landed a job as a Marketing Representative at the I.B.M. Corporation in Milwaukee, WI where I trained for two years, but missed being able to do my artwork. 


After two years of intensive fast-track training, working in the marketing field,  I chose to pursue my Master of Fine Arts degree in printmaking & graphic design at the University of Wisconsin–Madison . It was there that I developed my craft exploring many printmaking techniques, and was introduced to the fine art of woodcut printmaking.  In preparation for a final M.F.A. exhibition of artworks serving as the equivalent of a thesis, that would come to characterize my unique style,  I was given a wonderful gift.  In answer to a prayer for help in developing the unified theme of stylistic imagery required for graduation, I was shown one day from inside me, intuitively, a new way of working that would incorporate the woodcut prints and a collage technique that had not been done before. With that Divine Inspiration,  I began creating multiple art pieces at a time, all unique, one-of-a-kind collages, and the works have not ceased to engage my thought to this day!  


My spiritual education deepened greatly when I began taking classes at The New School of  Inner Wisdom, and later at The New School of  Learning, a telepathic school led by Guru Madeleine under The S.E.L.F.-Help Foundation, Inc.   Nearly 40 years later, this method of creating artwork continues to be a vehicle used to teach me about the mysteries of life and of Self.  I am humbled by the ability to be taught from within that quiet place where God resides. And I have been blessed beyond words to have been allowed to be in the presence of a true Master Teacher and Guru over so many years, whose energy has transformed me tremendously in this unfolding process called life.


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