"Through this work upon self,  recognizing where I have been  and how it has altered

  my conscious awareness of who I could become, I know now the blessing of a living

  God, conscious of my every breath, and capable of restoring all back into the

  understanding of Oneness."                                                           



                                                                           (The Divinity within me salutes the Divinity within you.)


                                                                                              Received telepathically by Jan Castronuovo

                                                                                                           from The Holy Order of Yodh

                                                                                                 through the energies of Guru Madeleine

Woodcut Collage  &  Mixed–Media Collage Paintings

Works on Paper

Fine Art Exhibitions  &  Gallery Talks

    ©2017  Janet  S. Castronuovo.

   ©2017  Janet S. Castronuovo

   ©2017  Janet S. Castronuovo

   ©2017  Janet S. Castronuovo

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